Planning out a React.js project.

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When it comes to coding, there's no better feeling than being able to just jump in and immediately know what you’re doing. sometimes though we need to have a bit of structure to how we do things. Introducing project management!

My advice for the planning of a react project is to break it down by functionality and where you want it to be visible. Let's say that you want to make a social media site based on gaming communities. you would have to break that down into its base components.

What pages will you have?
What will be on your navBar
How should the main feed look like? will you even have the main feed?

These are just some of the things you can ask yourself when you’re beginning. from there you’ll want to break these larger tasks down into smaller tasks. for instance, if you’re pages are all going to have the same layout, why not make a parent component that hosts all of the layout styling and features. Break the layout down into whatever you need and separate them all into separate folders.

As you go about doing all of this make sure to keep a notepad or a sketch down of how you want your app to be structured. I would recommend Trello to quickly get a workflow running. move things between backlog, and working on.

The overall message I'm trying to get out is that you should be organizing your projects based on functionality and components/pages.



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Angelo Poole

Angelo Poole

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